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Jimmi Accardi is a guitarist, singer, songwriter, and bandleader. His background includes touring as lead guitarist for Chubby Checker, Eddy Dixon, and Mickey Dolenz and Davey Jones of The Monkees; session guitarist for Rupert Holmes; and recording with Harry Nilsson. His credits include two albums on Columbia Records and original songs in the Billboard charts. With his band Jimmi Accardi and The Wild Cats, he recorded many original rock & roll / rockabilly / jump blues tunes. His latest band is Jimmi Accardi and The Action Zone. Jimmi brings a lot of excitement to his live shows, switching deftly from moving, heartfelt ballads to knockout rock and roll. His soulful vocals and inspiring guitar solos take the show to another level. CDs and reviews follow.

"I was going around looking for records that I liked, old rhythm and blues, and I kind of bought everything there is that I could find. I wanted to hear more! So we had to write them. . . ." Interview with Jimmi.

Blues Monster

Jimmi shows off his blues chops with 21 killer originals.
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Guitar Slinger

Original instrumentals from 15 different guitars, each with a different tone quality and style. Rock, blues, jazz, swing, psychedelia. Listen to Tracks BUY CD

Jimmi Accardi's Crazy Christmas Party

Upbeat Christmas songs from the traditional to the satirical, with some great originals. Some sweet, some naughty. A compilation of Christmas songs from various artists Jimmi produced, recorded with, or co-wrote songs with. Humorous parodies, interesting originals, creative versions of classics. Listen to Tracks & Get Digital Downloads To Buy CD:

Lovesick James

Blues! Blues! Blues! Great catchy blues songs, true blues groove with tons of excellent guitar playing, everything from classic slide to killer riffs you never heard before. Blues originals from the songwriting team of Jagger / Mancini / Accardi, with Jimmi Accardi's distinctive guitar solo style. Listen to Tracks BUY CD

Action Packed!

A memorable journey down a diverse musical road that is filled with delightful surprises. And like any good journey, one wants to repeat it over and over. Listen to Tracks BUY CD

Live at The Nevada Theatre

Jimmi Accardi and The Action Zone play a benefit concert for KVMR-FM. Listen to Tracks BUY CD

Light In The Darkness

Great rock and pop melodies with a spiritual theme. Song List BUY CD

You're The One That I Love

This single is a simple heartfelt romantic rock and roll love song. Listen and Download at CD Baby

Good Rockin' Tonight

This CD showcases exciting live performances of classic rock and roll, rockabilly, and blues songs sung by Jimmi and backed up by his band The Wild Cats. This is the companion CD to "Live Jive!", the collection of live originals. These are tried and true rockers that always get the crowd going. From nightclubs to festivals to concert halls to county fairs, here's a hard working band rockin' out. Everybody knows when these musicians show up, there'll be "good rockin' tonight!". Song List BUY CD

Cry Of The Wild Guitar

Jimmi goes wild in the studio! This instrumental guitar CD shows what happens when Jimmi stretches the strings - and the limits of his imagination - late at night in inspired and uninhibited improvisation. Song List BUY CD

Live Jive!

This high energy CD is all live performances of Jimmi with his band - lots of great guitar playing, jumpin' and jivin' with The Wild Cats. If you have been to Jimmi's live shows, you may have been in the audience. It includes a song written spontaneously while performing on New Year's Eve, with noisemakers of the New Year's revelers sounding in the background - and other spontaneous moments on stage. Song List BUY CD

Rockin' and Jumpin'

Original rock and roll, rockabilly, and jump blues tunes. Jimmi's vocals and lead guitar are accompanied by his band The Wild Cats. "Jimmi has a great voice, he plays a mean guitar, and his band The Wild Cats are absolutely a rockin' band to reckon with. . . . I really dig Jimmi's uptempo blues licks." -- Marijn Raaijmakers, BlackCat Rockabilly Europe Song List Listen BUY CD iTunes

Rockabilly Blues

Authentic heartfelt rockabilly, all original tunes. Jimmi gets real real gone. . . . "that warm feeling of tube amps, reel-to-reel tape, and a small studio on the back streets of Memphis." - Steve Cagle, New Soul Revival
"Elegant in vintage simplicity . . ." - D.C. Larson, Rockabilly Magazine
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Rhythm and Blues

Rhythm & Blues that moves you!
"Seventeen original tracks, which show off his talents as a songwriter, as well as an accomplished musician. They are many excellent songs here, but I especially enjoyed 'Good To Me,' 'Rockin' On Down The Road' and 'I Can't Get Enough Of Your Love'. The album closes with the instrumental 'Go', a rocking track to get anyone up and dancing, with The Wildcats' brass section in top form." - Steve Nicholson, Blues Matters
"A master of 50's based pop music. . . . a compelling package this writer can heartily recommend. . . . it sure is a lot of fun." - Brian Augustine, Sierra Blues Society Song List Listen BUY CD iTunes

The two CDs below contain the same songs as the three CDs above:

Keep On Rockin'!

This album of original music, "Keep on Rockin'!", features 18 original songs in the style of old-time rock and roll, '50s rhythm and blues, country blues, rockabilly, and jump blues. Jimmi sings and plays lead guitar, accompanied by his band - J.D. Hamilton on keyboards, Ty Smith on drums, Joe Thayer on standup bass, and Doug Davies and Ken Burgan on saxophones. Some of Jimmi's musical influences are Big Joe Turner, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, King Curtis, Wynonie Harris, Huey Piano Smith, Muddy Waters, and Larry Williams. This music will keep you dancing!
"This . . . CD sporting a shiny red '50s car and sharply dressed Jimmi with his red Gretsch brings us 18 rockin' and swinging originals. . . . Eight of the tracks are instrumentals and Jimmi shows how skilled a guitarist he is. . . . Most of the remaining songs are New Orleans flavored R&B rockers with pounding piano and most of them feature a roaring saxophone. . . . A fine album." - Gaby Maag-Bristol, Blue Suede News Song List BUY CD

Rock & Roll Party

This CD is packed with 24 original new songs! It also features a retro-style cover and a retro-style monaural sound which truly complements the music. These songs are pure rock 'n' roll, authentically produced on analog tape machines, and reflect Jimmi's early musical influences, Frogman Henry, Chuck Berry, BB King, Huey Piano Smith, Lee Dorsey, and Elvis Presley. This album combines rock 'n' roll, blues, and a '50s New Orleans rhythm and blues feel. Jimmi does vocals, lead guitar and keyboards, with Mark Thayer on drums, Joe Thayer on standup bass, and Doug Davies and Ken Burgan on saxophones. The perfect disc to spin at your next rock 'n' roll party! "This CD is one giant sock hop." - John Rumsey, KVMR-FM, Violets of Dawn Song List BUY CD


"Jimmi Accardi is no paint-by-numbers retro rocker. He obviously studied the rockabilly style with all of its nuances and subtleties, and turned out an album that stands up respectably to the original music. Jimmi evokes a much truer sound with his instrumentation and delivery than groups who cashed in on the rockabilly craze of the 80's (Stray Cats, Blasters, etc.). With the swing band revival well beyond saturation, Jimmi may lead the way for a rockabilly rebirth in the new millenium. The album jumpstarts with the instrumental "Rollin' On Home." The party tune "Dance My Blues Away" and Jimmi's soulful vocals on "Promises of Love" are standouts. Instrumental tracks are sprinkled throughout, with "Real Real Gone" being so faithful to vintage rockabilly that listeners will be hard pressed to tell the difference. The songs clock in around 2 minutes in length in true rockabilly fashion. Overall, the album has that warm feeling of tube amps, reel-to-reel tape, and a small studio on the back streets of Memphis. Had the late Carl Perkins lived just a few more years to hear this, he would have undoubtedly embraced Jimmi Accardi as a kindred musical spirit." - Steve Cagle, New Soul Revival

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